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Boudoir Photo Shoot
Boudoir is French for a woman's dressing room or bedroom.  Boudoir photographs are
meant to portray an intimate and tasteful portrait of a woman's sexy and seductive beauty.
 The photographs captivate the viewer through seductive and often reveling clothing while
the expressive poses and expressions draw the viewer even deeper into one's soul.

These sessions are great for women who want to give a lasting gift to a special loved one.  
Or they can be a special treat of self indulgence or lift a women's sprit after weight loss,
cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation or just for fun.

We will use special lighting, poses and suggest settings that will enhance the shoot for
optimal results.  Usually, luxurious hotel suites provide ample room and good
backgrounds for shoots.  If you prefer the comfort of your home, we can work with you to
conduct the shoot there.

These shoots take more time than normal portraiture work due to outfit changes,
make-up touch-ups and adjusting poses.  There are many more photographs taken and
processed.  You will need to have faith in us to provide you with the best of the shots
regardless of the amount of shots taken.

The fees are increased for these shoots and can vary based on location, hotel rooms,
whether we provide a makeup artist, if we provide any outfits, type of final product,
number of prints and our need for an assistant.

The sitting fee for a professional photographer and assistant for usually no less than two
hours is $200.  If we know the shoot will exceed much beyond two hours (makeup
reapplication, different hairstyles, more than a handful of outfits) we will need to adjust
the price accordingly.  We will usually be able to tell once we have our initial
conversation prior to booking the shoot.

What are you waiting for?  You owe it to yourself or a loved one to do something erotic,
unusual and memorable.

Worried about privacy?  Don't!  We don't share or sell your photos nor do we tell anyone
about your shoot.  It will be yours and our little secret...forever!

Call today for your appointment.  703-408-6806.
Email us at with your proposed dates and ideas.