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Proud Mothers to Be
Proud mothers like to create a memory from the very beginning by having
their "baby bumps" photographed.  By including daddy in the loving poses
the lasting images will show parental commitment.  Some like to include
other siblings showing excitement at gaining a brother or sister.

Being pregnant is a special part of life and should be frozen in time with a
quality photograph.  Your body is going through drastic changes as it
creates an unequaled miracle.  Don't miss the opportunity to be shot by
Dave an preserve the beauty of creation.

The session usually takes about an hour and will produce some color and
some black and white photographs.  You will most likely change clothes a
couple of times and move through several poses with or without daddy and

The price is $50.00 for the sitting which includes at least one hour of a
professional photographer's time and talent both at the location as well as
processing the photographs.  You will be rewarded with several beautiful
photographs to cherish forever.  The sitting fee does not include the
photographic files on disk with a release or any prints.  The disk and prints
are additional and the price for these can be found on the Services Page
Print and Disk Pricing.   

For more information call 703-408-6806 or email