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Capture the beginning of your child's life in a loving memory that will
be looked back on for years to come.

Let's not just photograph a baby but also include some intimate
moments with mom and dad.  After all, the three of you will be bonding
at all hours of the day and night for months to come.

While you're at it, book the photo shoots of your child as they age.  
Some prefer three months, some six months and others hold out until
one year old.  You decide what's right for you and booking at the time of
your newborn shoot earns you a discount.

Here is what you get for a newborn photo shoot.  You get one hour of
professional experience at your location with photographs of your child,
mother and father in different poses and combinations.  The sitting fee is
only $50.00 for all the above.

You will have the option to purchase prints or a disk with the files for
your own use.  Please see the pricing on the
Services Page.

For more information call 703-408-6806 or email