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PowerPoint Slide Development
Outsourcing building a professional PowerPoint presentation can be one of the most economical decisions you
might make.

If you are busy marketing, selling or building your business, Shot By Dave, LLC can leverage your time allowing
you to do what is most important.

All you need to do is provide us with a rough draft (Word or handwritten) and let us give you back a polished
product.  Whether you put your own finishing touch on it or go as is, you will be glad you saved the time and
outsourced with us.

The way the process works and for us to be of help, the draft you submit must be readable.  We can use your
supplied graphics or we will insert graphics for you.  You can even get it done without any graphics.  Regardless
of the way you choose, once we produce the slides we return the product to you for proofing.  We will make any
changes you annotate and provide the final product back to you.  One we produce the final, if you find that your
information has changed or want to add more or take away, it can be done for a nominal additional fee.

Give us a call (703-408-6806) and we can discuss your specific needs.  Our competitive rates will pay dividends
considering how we free up your time for the more important details of business.

Prices include our initial development, your review and feedback, and our final edit and returning a completed
project to you.

We understand the concern you have for your proprietary information and we will keep your information in the
strictest of confidence.

Pricing Guidelines:

Basic production with all supplied information and minimal graphics:

1 - 20 Slides  $20 per slide
21 - 50 Slides  $18.50 per slide
51 - 100 Slides  $18.00 per slide

More complex development that includes research, information development, embedded automated graphics or
video, call for an estimate.

Call 703-408-6806 for your free estimate or email d with information regarding your project.
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