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School Pictures
Have you noticed how children's school pictures seem to miss capturing
the child's spirit and how expensive they are?

We have a solution.  Let the child be photographed at school for use in
the yearbook and class picture.  But instead of paying that outrageous cost
for a picture you're not thrilled about, let us take your child's picture

The other drawback to the school shoot is it never seems like a
convenient time.  Between loosing teeth, colds, acme breakouts and on
and on...the solution is simple.  Have the picture taken when your child
looks their best.  You can take control of when your child gets their
picture taken.

For a fraction of the cost of those mass produced school pictures we will
come to your location, photograph your child in a few poses and provide
you with a disk of files and a release for printing them.  You get 30
minutes of professional time and experience at your location capturing
your child's photograph, professional editing and retouching, plus the
files on disk with a release.  All for one low price of $30.00.  Prints can be
added as desired based on the current print cost.  You will find the
current print cost on the
Services Page:  Current Print Pricing

Call 703-408-6806 or email for scheduling or for
more information.