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Child's Birthday Party
On those special birthdays why get saddled with trying to take pictures, keep the party flowing and
since you can't take pictures and do everything else, you just might miss a great shot.  The solution
is easy.  Let us take the pictures for you and you just enjoy the moment.

We will come to your location and take the pictures for you.  You will get one hour of our
professional time at the location, a disk with the files and a release allowing you to print any of the
photographs.  There is no sitting fee for a child's birthday party.  The fee for this is only $60.00.  If
your party has entertainment and you would like us to stay longer, or you want each attendee
photographed (portrait style or if the party is late starting, we will need to discuss additional fees.

I have grandchildren and know how hard it is to capture the right moments, serve cake and ice
cream while keeping a couple of handfuls of children entertained.  Therefore, I have reduced my
fees for these types of parties to make it easier on the parental hosts, your pocket book and doable
for that price for me.

The fee does not include professional photographic retouching (normal editing is included) nor
email files on the disk.  You may add these items as well as prints.  You will find a link to print
pricing on the
Services Page:  Print Pricing

For more information call 703-408-6806 or email