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Shooting Information:
Most sessions are done on location.  Meaning I will come to you.  A setting familiar to you is
more comfortable and relaxing.  Your portraits will look more natural and convey personal
If you lack an area or feel a different location would be better, we can discuss alternate
locations.  Examples would be favorite gardens, parks or rivers.

Everyone should look his or her best.  Planning goes a long way toward producing better
Here are some suggestions on how to improve the quality of your photographs:
•        Hair - Haircuts a few days before the shoot are better than a haircut the morning of
the shoot (especially men).  This gives the hair time to blend back into a more natural shape
and unexposed areas to become more occluded or darken.
Women should have their hair colored (if you are one that does so), styled and ready for the
shoot.  If you are one to wash your hair and let it dry naturally then be sure it is completely
dry prior to the time of the shoot.
If it is windy or if stabilizing your hair is a concern, I suggest women bring hair clips,
barrettes, a mirror and bobby pins just in case.
•        Clothes - Clothes should be solid subdued colors.  Avoid stripes, bright patterns and
solid black.  The photograph is about you and not your clothes.  Unless your clothes are your
trademark like Patch Adams, follow my advice.  If you do plan on wearing something
outlandish, we should talk about it before hand to ensure success.
•        Make-up - Women, you know what make-up looks best so I will leave your make-up
application to you.  Be conservative with the eye shadow.  Avoid glitter anywhere as it is
reflective when the flash hits it and can be distracting in the photograph.
•        Hats - Hats can be a problematic but can also be a vital part of the personality
conveyed in the photograph.  We can work through this issue at the time of the shoot.  Just
let me know in advance so I can plan accordingly.
•        Babies or small children - Bring their favorite toy that can be used as a prop or to keep
them entertained as needed.  Stuffed animals, special blankets or other items will help make
the child more comfortable.
When you schedule the shoot make sure you take into consideration their nap, feeding and
medication times.  The shoot should occur during the time the child is active and alert.

Fees for shootings:
At the time of booking there is a non refundable sitting charge for my professional time, skills
and one hour at the agreed location.  Reschedules are permitted subject to availability.
Charges for disks, prints and other merchandise are not included in the initial sitting fee.  All
items must be paid for at the time of ordering.
There may be  additional charges for travel outside the counties of Culpeper or Fauquier.
The current charge for travel is $.20 (twenty cents) per mile out and back for outlying areas.
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